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Studies Show People Are Living Longer

Humanity’s life expectancy is rising. People are now expected to live an average of six years loner than they had only 2 decades ago.


A recent studies show that people are living longer , staying healthier, and suffering from serious illness less often than they ever have before. The global life expectancy for both men and women has increased by 6.6 years. The study states that, in 1990 the average persons life expectancy was 65 years, as of 2013 the average person should live to the age of 71. The study shows that although men still tend to live shorter lives, they are also living longer, on average a man will live to be 78. Women’s life expectancy has also gone up by the same percentage, leaving their estimated life span to end at the age of 84.

These recent studies are noted to be the first time a journal publication has ever published a study on a ‘country specific cause-of-death statistics for 188 countries’. This study was originally published in the journal The Lancet

The only region not be observed to show an increase in life span, was sub-Saharan Africa, due to HIV/AIDs infections.

The reason for the increase in our life span is because, people are living longer. As basic as that sounds, it entails that people are no longer dying as often from serious disease. Although the global causes of death vary from country to country, the report states a drastic drop in the mortality rates caused from common illness, during the study’s time frame.

There has been, surges in fatalities caused by road accidents, complication from drug use and chronic kidney disorders. Some forms of cancer have been noted to rise, but others, like breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colon cancer have been noted to decrease. The leading causes of death, from serious disease, in 2013 were ischemic heart disease, stroke and chronic pulmonary disease.

Researchers speculate, that if this global trend continues in the same direction, in the year 2030 the average life expectancy for women will be 85 years and for men, slightly less, average of 78 years.

These statistics are very promising and certainly promote optimism, in a world that appears to be on the brink of collapse, but if people continue to live longer, they will need to continue supporting themselves. Analysts speculate, this may cause a large displacement of the worlds working population, causing many younger people to be prevented from obtaining work, due to an elderly person already residing in the positions.

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