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Studies Show That Fast Food Causes Low Test Grades In Children

A recent Study shows that children who regularly eat fast foods receive test grades much lower than other students. The experts theorize this phenomenon is attributed to the lack of minerals in mass-produced foods.


Fast food, a questionable substance that is more alluring than the Mona Lisa, more delicious than the most exquisite of cuisine, and probably the most toxic substance on the surface of the Earth. Since its conception it has been closely observed, questioned, prodded, tested, ingested, probed, and sold. Every year a new batch of evidence, more disturbing than the evidence previously released, proving that fast food is hazardous to your health, and still, all over the world, people are seduced by its aromas, mesmerized by siren songs on commercials, and mutated into gluttonous beasts.

Studies have proven that over indulging in fast food will cause any number of ailments, diabetes, heart disease, lack of sex drive, obesity, and on, and on. A new study shows that this wicked food causes retrograde activity in the human brain.

Ohio State University, has recently undergone an in-depth study on the ill effects of fast food consumption and its correlation to the American student’s poor test grades. Dr Kelly Purtell who led the study, stated in her paper that was published in Clinical Pediatrics:

“Our findings provide evidence that eating fast food is linked to another problem: poorer academic outcomes”

To conduct this study, the researchers studied the fast food consumption and other eating habits of 8,500 American 10-year-olds’. The data was then compared to their academic test results three years later. In the research process, the scientists attempted to accurately represent the population of American children and also account for more than a dozen factors other than fast food that may have caused the lapse in academic scores.

The tests produced shocking statistics, illustrating the fact that children who ate fast foods on a daily basis received substantially lower grades in science, reading and math classes than the children who did not eat fast food.

Several different theories place blame on several different factors that are believed to be the root of the fast food consumption and low test scores phenomenon. Some scientists believe that because fast food lacks many important minerals, such as Iron, when it is eaten regularly, it slows the process of development in certain regions of the brain. Others believe that the high levels of sugar and fat contained in the fast foods have negative impact on the learning process.


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