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Superbug Threat May Decimate Population and Drain World’s Economy by 2050

Antibiotic resistant ‘Super Bugs’ are causing 10 million deaths per year and will cost the global economy close to $100 trillion by 2050.


Every year bacteria are naturally evolving and becoming more resistant to antibacterial treatment. The overuse of commonly prescribed antibiotic treatments are creating this rapid evolution of normal strains of bacteria into super bugs. Humanity must cease the over abundant administration of antibiotic drugs on animals as well as people if we are to survive.

The World Health Organization or WHO, released a report earlier this year, warning the world of a new era where common infections will kill more often, because of the germs tolerance to the drugs that are prescribed to eliminate them.

This disturbing news was released on Wednesday in a report from a team commissioned by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. A similar report that was released last week claimed, 58,000 Indian infants died in 2013, due to the super bugs.

If the bacteria epidemic is not contained immediately, by 2050 a projected 10 million people will die each year. The rapid decrease in population will effectively dwindle the Gross Domestic Product by approximate 3.5 percent, removing $60 trillion to $100 trillion in world economic activity.

Although the results of these recent studies are gruesome to imagine, it is noted that humanity has not reached the event horizon and may avoid the looming global catastrophe, if action is taken immediately. It is reported that research facilities must begin to develop new treatments, alternative means of therapy and restrictions on the prescriptions of antibiotics.


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