T. P. Chedumbrum’s Opinions on Gov.Mu Put Up On Sale

Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum speaks about gov.mu put up on sale. Gov.mu domain has been put on sale. The former minister of ICT, Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum, spoke his thoughts out on the issue today, 2nd of December, to the media. According to him, the firm behind gov.mu, Internet Direct Limited, has acted out of bad intentions.


He argued that the government website has a “crucial role” to play now at a point in time when the general elections are literally only a matter of a few days away. He pointed out that IDL has seized the opportunity to announce the news to its own advantage, with the view to disseminating fear among the population, putting Mauritians in a state of unrest.

Furthermore, Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum stated that they are going to fight for gov.mu on a legal platform. Though, IDL also cannot sell the domain name without prior permission according to the ex-Minister.

Trying to reassure members of the public, he also said that the alternative to gov.mu, which is govmu.org, is fully operating, adding that a team is currently keeping an eye on it.


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  1. AlainBastien on

    Stupidity Mr Pillay. What’s the issue ?

    Storm in a glass of water. Who detains Ownership?

    You as an attorney and Ministry of IT was ask to identify certain computer files 1) Creators 2) Function in a computer system 3) Terms and Condition of use.

    You redirected me to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Meaning all matters pertaining to Computers are foreign to you !!!

    Let that gov.mu, stop wasting funds of the Government in useless and meaningless legal fees. Unless you have already spotted an attorney and lawyer (petit copain) to pocket the cash.


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