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Watch Out: Human Bone Mass Is Decreasing

Studies show a dangerous trend in the degeneration of bone mass in modern people, scientists believe that this is a direct result of our lack of mobility.


Researchers from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Phenotypic Adaptability, have peered deep into humanity’s history, studying our ancestral bones from thousands of years ago. The results of these studies produce factual evidence proving that, generation by generation, our bones are getting lighter, less dense, and more fragile.

Our ancient, hunting and gathering, ancestors over 7,000 year ago, had a bone density 80 percent higher than ours today. The scientists who were involved in the study believe that these ancient men, of long ago, had a bone structure that was far more dense and compact, resembling the bone structure of orangutans. After scientist analyzed the bone structure of prehistoric farmers who lived 6,000 years ago, they noticed a significant drop in bone mass, equivalent to the degeneration of bone mass suffered by astronauts after 3 months of space habitation.

To get to the bottom of this troubling phenomenon, the researchers began to investigate and rule out the factors that they theorized was the cause of the rapid degeneration of bone mass. Diet, body size and evolution were ruled out, but once the scientists began to research our ancestors physical activities, they discovered shocking trends.

The research involving the physical activities of our ancestors compared to us today immediately produced alarming results. The scientists notice that when the human race were hunter gathers, the amount of travel and physical activity preformed on a daily basis, promoted a build up of bone mass, far superior to ours today. As we developed skills in agriculture and began to settle in communities we lost the capability to enhance our bone mass.

Although we as a society are very focused on our weight and health to promote physical stability in our later years, the amount of physical activity needed shadows the aforementioned articles.

Researches in the study, that was originally published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, believe that modern people still posses the ability to promote increases in the levels of our bone mass that would be equal to our hunter and gathering ancestors or orangutans.

The majority of the world spends much of their day not partaking in physical activity. As soon as a person engages in any form of strenuous activity they unknowingly begin to promote growth in bone mass.


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