Day: January 7, 2015

2015 Comes With An Extra Second, Scientists Say

One of the surprises 2015 has for us is an extra second! We will be having one second more than last year because of the slowing down of the Earth’s rotation. We all have, at some point in our lives, wished that we could be given some more time: when the deadline alarms resound louder,

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New Study: Fructose Is Deadlier Than Glucose

Sugar (in the form of added sugar, like table sugar/ glucose) is generally considered to be a slow poison, specially if it is consumed in excessive amounts. However, it seems that fructose might be more harmful than normal table sugar or sucrose/ glucose. A new study has shown that fructose has drastic effects on the

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Precious Metals in Indian Ocean: Chinese Submarine Jiaolong Explores

Ambitious China does not wish to lag behind in the domain of ocean exploration for its resources. Its submarine going by the name of Jiaolong has performed its first deep dive, on Friday 2nd of 2015, into the Indian Ocean in a restricted zone to search for hydrothermal vents and precious metals. A Chinese submarine

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This Physicist Created A Supercomputer Using Old PS3s

The quests of scientists have often led them to the invention of adequate apparatus and devices used as a means to get to their goals. Similarly, physicist Gaurav Khanna set out to study gravitational waves, and in his attempt to create the models that he would need, he built a supercomputer out of PS3s himself.

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