Day: January 29, 2015

Science Alert: Un-boiling Eggs Is Possible – Here’s how

Once the food is cooked, you cannot uncook it; soup, cake, pasta, you name it. But, perhaps, not the egg. Somehow, though, the egg has defied the rule, as scientists have shown that an egg can be unboiled to some extent. Boiling eggs involves reactions occurring at the microscopic level, involving the egg white proteins.

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Earth’s Oldest Snake Fossils Discovered in Europe & Colorado

Snakes have allegedly been on this planet for much longer than scientists had previously thought – 70 million years before the past estimated time. The discovery of the fossils of four ancient snakes has provided more insight as to the age of the oldest snake the Earth has seen. Calculating the time as to when

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Is this the shadow of a man spotted on Mars by Mars Rover?

A new picture from the Mars Curiosity Rover has got conspiracy theorists and UFO-seeking groups all excited and worked up. The photo seemingly shows the shadow of a man supposedly working over the rover. “Shadow of a man” working over the Mars Curiosity Rover A recent picture of the Mars Curiosity Rover, having caught the attention

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