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Watch Out: A Coffin On Planet Mars Has Been Spotted

A picture taken by the Curiosity Rover of NASA has caught the attention of alien hunters. An object photographed on the surface of Mars is being seen as a ‘coffin’ that is ‘pointing to the existence of aliens’. Though this might sound exciting, scientists have provided a reasonable explanation to this issue.
coffin on Mars

Coffin on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has taken the picture of a mysterious object on Mars, catching the attention of those groups with a knack at “spotting alien life”. Seizing this opportunity to propagate rumours about extraterrestrial life, some individuals have used this as ‘evidence’ to prove that life does exist outside our planet. The picture seems to depict a stone-carved coffin.

A coffin on Mars? Would that be proof that Mars is inhabited, or at least visited, by aliens? However plausible, or implausible that theory is, UFO Sightings Daily is exploiting this to the maximum to let the world know of its conviction that alien life exists. Well, they might as well say that we also have vampires on Mars!

Greys, short aliens walking on Mars!

The dimension of the ‘coffin’ has been estimated to be 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m. UFO-obsessed groups purport that this size is adequate for short aliens, which they refer to as “greys”. Greys are popularly described as having oval heads with big eyes.

Signs of ancient peoples?

The coffin-like object is not the only thing conspicuous in the NASA picture. What look like stone works have also been found near the coffin. Again, these have been customised into the alien theories; according to the UFO blog, the stone works are signs of infrastructure from ancient civilisations. It was also affirmed that the authorities will dismiss these ‘evidence’ and not give much information about it.

What is the ‘coffin’ really about?

Scientists have explained that this might most probably just be an instance where pareidolia has once again demonstrated itself. Pareidolia, a form of apophenia, is the tendency of humans to see known shapes and patterns in random objects: the human mind imagines seeing faces, figures, and other familiar forms in unrelated silhouettes.

We must have all spotted ‘faces’ in inanimate objects, like seeing ‘eyes, a nose and a mouth’ in the ‘face’ of door knobs. Similarly, the ‘coffin’ on Mars is being perceived as a coffin-like object. The object in question is being viewed by us as what we ourselves are familiar to, when it comes to that particular shape and dimension. It does not have to actually be a real coffin, as we know it. If pareidolia were anything more than what it is, we’d be claiming that ‘alien life’ is everywhere anyway! Noticed familiar shapes that clouds take? Or, random designs “staring at us”? What would UFO-amateurs say of this?!


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