Fake ‘Swedish’ Website Swindling Money From Mauritians

The unscrupulous hunting on the Internet continues. Many a Mauritian has been fooled by a said Swedish website that has promised to recruit them as “representatives” for a firm based in Sweden. They were proposed a monthly salary of Rs 105 000. Having thus been lured, many Mauritians have in turn lost huge amounts of money. They have ultimately informed the police about the deviant website. The Cyber Crime Unit has now started the investigations.
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The sweet promises

  • The monthly salary of the job is asserted to be 3 500 American dollars, which makes around Rs 105 000.
  • The ‘recruiters’ alleged that the Mauritians could work from their country itself. The job requirements would need them to issue payments for the clients of the firm. Surprisingly – and, what should have raised the alarm about the website – the payments would supposedly be credited to the bank accounts of the individuals with the excuse of saving time, as is advertised on the website.
  • Furthermore, the ‘employees’ would be given a 10 % commission on the payments that were to be done.


Apart from the lofty promises, the website also had certain demands. The applicant has to provide specific details like his name, address, name of the bank where he has opened an account, together with the bank account number. And, that was how at least two ‘applicants’ have lost from Rs 50 000 to Rs 100 000.

More fake websites lurking online

It is to be noted that the said Swedish website is not the only one that is operating for this purpose. Other websites featuring similar job offers have been found.

The Cyber Crime Unit is of the opinion that African hackers might be behind the fake ‘Swedish’ website.


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