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Mysterious & Unknown Queen’s Tomb Found in Egypt

The tomb of an unknown queen has been found in Abu-Sir, Egypt. She is said to have been named Khentakawess, and was probably either the wife or mother of Pharaoh Neferefre.

The tomb of an unknown queen has been discovered in Egypt, according to Egyptian officials. The site of excavation of the archaeologists is located at Abu-Sir, south-west of Cairo, where a number of pyramids have been found in the past. The occupant of the tomb is said to be of the family of Pharaoh Neferefre: she could either have been his mother or his wife. Pharaoh Neferefre used to rule over Egypt around 4 500 years ago.

The name of the Egyptian queen was found to be Khentakawess, recorded on a wall spotted near the tomb. The latter was, in fact, in the very funeral complex of the Pharaoh. This is why it is thought that the queen might have been his wife because of the close proximity of their tombs. However, another theory of the queen having been the mother of the Pharaoh was formulated because of certain inscriptions on the side rooms of the tomb: the term “Mother of the King” was found.

The discoveries are thought to be extremely precious in shedding light on the Fifth Dynasty which is said to have existed at the time of the construction of the first pyramids.


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