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Scariest Frilled Shark Captured in Australia For the First Time

The shark known as the living fossil, the frilled shark, has been spotted in Australia. Some fishermen in the vicinity of Lakes Entrance in Victoria managed to pull the creature out of the water.
frilled shark

According to biologists, the shark dates back from 80 million years ago. The species found is thought to be one of the two species that have remained from eons ago. This species is said to have been viewed by humans for the first time ever.

From the looks of it, the shark does look prehistoric. He has been described as appearing to be “from another time”. For starters, it has a terrifying appearance, making two meters in length, with 300 teeth over 25 rows – once its prey is grabbed into its mouth, it’s nearly impossible for it to escape. The shark has six pairs of gills that resemble frills.

It usually lives at around 1500-meter depths. This one was found 700 meters from underneath the water. It is indeed rare to have them less than 1200 deep.

Find more about the scary frilled shark here.


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