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Is this the shadow of a man spotted on Mars by Mars Rover?

A new picture from the Mars Curiosity Rover has got conspiracy theorists and UFO-seeking groups all excited and worked up. The photo seemingly shows the shadow of a man supposedly working over the rover.

shadow on Mars
“Shadow of a man” working over the Mars Curiosity Rover

A recent picture of the Mars Curiosity Rover, having caught the attention of many, is being used by conspiracy-theorists to put into question the integrity of NASA. A shadow of what looks like a man was spotted in a picture of the Mars Curiosity Rover. Could this mean that the NASA sent a man to the red planet? Is NASA lying to the world population?

Or, perhaps, it is just another deceit of our own eyes? The most credible explanation would be that the ‘shadow’ is in, fact, no shadow of a man at all. Our mind often tricks us into seeing things that actually do not even exist – can we ever deny this? Humans have the tendency of seeing what they wish to see, specially if they have some fixed idea in their minds. Most probably, conspiracy theorists have ‘suffered’ from the same?

Moreover, those individuals and groups firmly believing in the existence of aliens have seized this opportunity to try to prove their point yet again. They believe that some life form out there might have approached the Mars Curiosity Rover to have a closer look, and at that very moment, a picture was taken.

Another explanation that has been given is that the Mars Curiosity Rover is still on Earth itself.

Can the human mind ever stop itself from speculating?!



  1. narayanan on

    take a 3d model and see if a shadow like this can be produced…using some software…if you can create a similar shadow then its just curiosity’s shadow, if not its alien

  2. narayanan on

    i think it could be the shadow of the curiosity rover itself…only that the parts of the rover have aligned up in such a way as to give a shadow projection of a man…one way to prove it would be to take a exact 3D model replica of the curiosity and see if there is any way it can create a shadow like this…for some configuration of the rover and sun


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