Day: February 13, 2015

Baby-Girl Born With Twin Foetuses Inside Her Body

Imagine a baby having mini-babies inside of his little body when it is born, almost like a baby born pregnant. This is a dilemma that  was documented in a study published in the Hong Kong Medical Journal. The masses of tissues showing the spinal cord (white arrow), anus (black arrow), and intestines (striped arrows). Picture credits: Kristine

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Tilapia Fish Collagen Used in Wound Dressings Causes Faster Healing

Using Tilapia fish collagen in wound dressings might be more beneficial than using collagen derived from cows or pigs that carry the risk of infections, according to a new study. Furthermore, the findings suggest that the wound dressings made from Tilapia collagen allow for faster healing. A species of the Tilapia fish. Photo credits: Bjørn Christian

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