Day: February 18, 2015

Bionic Leaf & Bacterial Species Work Together to Produce Biofuel

Scientists have produced a bionic leaf imitating the natural process of photosynthesis that works in concert with a bacterial species to manufacture a biofuel known as isopropanol. In a world where the hunger for fuel remains insatiable, research to finding alternative sources of energy is perhaps being funded to a larger extent than endeavours to

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Penguins Cannot Taste Fish, Says New Study

Penguins cannot taste fish, according to a new study, in spite of the fact that they feed on fish that thrive in their environments. Penguins hunting for fish in polar waters We have been endowed with the ability to enjoy and find pleasure in quenching our basic need for food: while our bodies are adapted

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Mysterious Plume Observed Over Mars: Cloud Or Aurora?

Images of a mysterious plume observed above planet Mars back in 2012 by amateur astronomers have been documented by scientists and published in the journal Nature. The haze is said to have appeared two times before disappearing. a: first event on 22 March, 04:12 UTC. Photo credits: W.J. b: second event on 13 April, 20:03 UTC. Photo

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