Day: February 24, 2015

Anti-HIV Vaccine Is Successful On Monkeys


According to a team of scientists from the US, monkeys were protected from deadly HIV via a vaccination. Vaccines have never worked against HIV which affects the very immune system of the host while vaccines are to assist the latter to deal with infections. To counter this predicament, the researchers modified the DNA of the

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Red Dwarf Star Passed Through Solar System 70 000 Years Ago

A red dwarf star commonly known as Scholz’s star has caught the attention of astronomers. It is almost imperceptible, according to the reports of the scientists. An artist’s depiction of Scholz’s star. Photo credit: Michael Osadciw/ University of Rochester.  A team of astronomers have concluded from their studies that a red dwarf star passed at 0.8

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New Lethal Virus Species, The Bourbon Virus, Identified

bourbon virus vector

A new tick-borne virus, named Bourbon virus, has been identified. It has been found to be of the same family as all the influenza viruses. The Bourbon virus caused the death of a man last year after the latter was exposed to ticks. His blood was later analysed and the presence of the previously unknown

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Dark Matter Triggered Mass Extinction of Species of the Earth

Throughout the history of the Earth, more than 99 % of that living species that ever walked on its surface were wiped out. Ecological reasons and tragic calamities hitting the Earth, for instance in the form of comets, are said to have led to the mass extinction of those species. A recent study has suggested

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