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RapidShare Shutting Down In March 2015

RapidShare will be down next month. User accounts and their details will be deleted after the 31st of March.

One of the first file hosting services available to users on the Internet, RapidShare, will be shutting down. Consequently, user accounts together with the data linked to them will be erased; the deletion process will start off after the 31st of March.

Since 2002, when it was launched, RapidShare has gathered hundreds of millions of visitors.

After the Megaupload shutdown three years ago, in 2012, RapidShare obtained even more new users. The demand was so high that the download speeds were restricted to cope with the traffic.

From then on, RapidShare brought in changes in its service: for instance, it attempted to remould itself into a cloud storage service. It increased the anti-piracy policies.

The modifications that were brought ultimately decreased its popularity.

Furthermore, 75 % of its employees were fired in 2014. It also shut down its free service during the same time period. Its prices were set at 50 euros per month. On top of all this, the competition made it even more difficult for the firm to cope. Users did not want to pay for a service that they would use for free earlier, and now, it is shutting down completely.


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