Day: March 10, 2015

Losing 30 Minutes of Sleep Can Make You Fat

A new study whose findings were presented at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in San Diego, CA, this year suggests that losing 30 minutes of sleep results in lasting effects on weight and metabolism. The experiment: Participants kept sleep diaries 522 patients, recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, were enlisted as participants by

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Mosquitoes Walk On Water Thanks To Its Leg Segment Known As Tarsus

A new study has provided more insight into the effortless manner in which insects like mosquitoes and water striders are able to walk on water. The secret seems to lie in the leg segment known for its great flexibility called the tarsus. The findings have been published in the journal AOP Advances this week. Water

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Weird Life Form on Titan (Near Saturn) Living Without Oxygen

Chemical engineers from the US have theorised that a life form subsisting on methane and not on oxygen can thrive on the largest moon of Saturn, Titan. They made a model of the membrane of such an organism based on knowledge of the chemicals and compounds that could possibly reassemble to form a cell membrane.

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‘Cat Music’ Is Therapeutic To Cats, Says New Study

It is undeniable that listening to music generates an effect on us, though people might differ whether the effect is beneficial or not. Now, what about animals? A team of scientists have set out to determine the effect of music on cats. The paper was published in the journal Applied Animal Behavioural Science. Do cats

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Female Stick Insects Go To Extremes to Avoid Sex

Some women just can’t stand men; they would rather be alone than being in the company of men. The same goes for some female stick insects: they do their best to keep the males away. They don’t even need the men for reproduction; they counter this predicament by cloning themselves. They even go the extra

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Oldest Human Fossil Ever Discovered in Ethiopia

After scientists dug out what could possibly be the oldest human fossil ever in Ethiopia, it was concluded that the origin of the Homo genus might be older by around half a million years than what has been previously thought. The Homo mandible spotted in Ethiopia The fossil of a lower jaw – “a partial hominin

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Genetic Link of Obesity Investigated By Scientists

Obesity has evolved into a huge problem in our contemporary societies such that experts have had to qualify it as an epidemic. More than 600 million adults from all across the globe are considered to be obese. Obesity is connected to a number of diseases, including cardiovascular ones, that in turn, lead to the deaths

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