Day: March 19, 2015

Internet Explorer is Dead – RIP IE

After 20 years of struggle to come to the top, and, yet failing during the last decade, Microsoft Internet Explorer has had to bid the world goodbye yesterday. Microsoft has announced its decision to finally let go of IE (however, it might still stick around receiving tech support till 2016). IE used to be the most

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Better than Durex! Scroguard: New Contraception Protecting The Scrotum

Our world is dominated by waves of changes. Nothing ever remains the same – previous versions of just about anything always give way to modern ones. Little would we have thought that this general rule would include condoms as well. A new method of contraception has seen the light of the day: the Scroguard. As

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Potential Cure to Cancer: Modifying Cancer Cells Into Macrophages

A team of scientists from Stanford might have stumbled on what could be a powerful way to fight cancer. The researchers were already working on how to protect cancer cells from dying when they accidentally discovered that leukemia cells could be transformed into a type of immune cell that might attack other tumour cells. The

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