Day: March 23, 2015

Oldest & Largest Crocodile Discovered: The Carolina Butcher

The fossil of an ancient predator, believed to be the oldest and largest ancestor of crocodiles, has been discovered. The fossil is said to be around 231 million years of age. The animal lived in North America before the era of dinosaurs. It has been named Carnufex carolinensis, and is commonly referred to as the

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Why Men Prefer Women With Curvy Backsides Explained

curvy woman

People might be incredulous about the popularity of Kim Kardashian’s backside but a recent scientific study might help to shed some light as to how some men, ‘in spite of themselves’, find it appealing, or, more appealing than others. The paper authored by researchers from the University of Texas and published online in Evolution and

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Mini Black Holes in the LHC Can Confirm Existence of Parallel Universes

A team of scientists has discussed the Many-Worlds Hypothesis (MWH) in a paper available on the journal Physics Letters B with a particular emphasis on the possibility of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – the largest particle collider on Earth – detecting mini black holes. The researchers put forward that the LHC identifying the minute

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