Day: March 24, 2015

Strange Crystal Found in Ancient Meteorite

An ancient meteorite that crashed on Earth thousands of years ago, in a region located in Russia, has revealed a precious surprise: a group of scientists have discovered a crystal with a puzzling arrangement of atoms in its midst. The crystal, called a quasicrystal, is the second of its kind to have been found. The findings

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The Universe Will Soon Collapse Into Itself

According to a new research, the universe will soon stop expanding to ultimately collapse into itself, annihilating all that it contains. The authors of the study, Nemanja Kaloper and Antonio Padilla, have proposed a cosmological collapse mechanism, including an account on dark energy, to explain the happening. According to their calculations, the event might occur

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How Shrimps Become Cannibals Due To A Parasite

A new study has shown that infection by parasites might be enhancing cannibalism in shrimps. The results suggest that parasitism may cause the host to increasingly take to cannibalistic behaviour. Parasitism is described as the interaction between two organisms whereby the parasite inhabits the host’s body, feeding on it or deriving some other benefit such that

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