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Better than Durex! Scroguard: New Contraception Protecting The Scrotum

Our world is dominated by waves of changes. Nothing ever remains the same – previous versions of just about anything always give way to modern ones. Little would we have thought that this general rule would include condoms as well. A new method of contraception has seen the light of the day: the Scroguard. As the name suggests, this modern ‘condom’ is extended to the scrotum. Think of it as a male lingerie contraception.


The above picture illustrates the magic underwear. As can be seen, it extends further to the area known as the scrotum as a way of protecting certain zones that current contraceptives do not include.

The creators of the product hail from the US, in Atlanta, argue that the aim is to reduce the surface area of skin contact during sex such that certain genital areas are covered as a way of protection from disease like herpes that can be transmitted through pubic skin contact.

It is to be noted that the FDA has not yet approved the commercialization of the product.


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