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Curcumin, Naturally Found in Turmeric, Is Effective Against Cancer

A review paper has recounted the benefits of curcumin, a chemical compound found in turmeric. The paper portrays curcumin as a potential treatment for most cancers as well as other diseases pertaining to inflammation.


Curcumin is described as being particularly effective at fighting multiple myeloma and pancreatic cancer. Experts affirm that cancer treatment should ideally entail multi-targeted agents since several genes undergo mutations in cancer, and that is why curcumin is being regarded as highly powerful in dealing with the disease. It can be used to modulate many genes relating to cancer at the same time.

Professor Gautam Sethi, one of the authors, explained that while the mechanism behind the effectiveness of curcumin is not known, the compound has displayed anti-inflammatory effects.

“It has been shown that most chronic diseases, including cancer, are caused by inflammation and can be treated by anti-inflammatory agents.”

Another finding elaborated in the review is how the chemical compound is safe for use. One of the authors affirmed that the curcumin might possibly be the only drug that is safe in high doses (12g) without it being toxic. The only side-effect to have been observed is blood thinning – this would make the taking of curcumin undesirable for those undergoing surgery.

Of the recommendations found in the paper is the use of turmeric for cooking purposes. Combining it with a natural compound known as piperine which is found is pepper might also increase its bioavailabilty.

Gautam Sethi stated:

“If we combine it with piperine we see viability increase by 2000 per cent 45 minutes after administering the curcumin.”

The researchers of the paper also added that the same beneficial effects were not found for breast cancer patients who were treated with the chemotherapeutic agent cyclophosphamide. The authors claimed that curcumin can counteract the effect of cyclophosphamide.


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