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New Hormone, MOTS-c, Restores Insulin Sensitivity in Mice

A hormone has been discovered that is nothing short of a miracle molecule. When used on mice, the latter’s metabolism was boosted, while they also lost weight. Ah, the new secret for weight-loss products, perhaps?

The study was published in the journal Cell Metabolism.


The new hormone has been called MOTS-c. It was observed targeting muscle tissue. It was also able to bring back to normal insulin sensitivity. Several health problems associated with our modern societies are linked with insulin. For instance, obesity leads to the decrease in insulin sensitivity. Moreover, age also causes us to become more resistant to insulin. Therefore, this particular hormone constitutes an important discovery in the light of our contemporary context.

“This represents a major advance in the identification of new treatments for age-related diseases such as diabetes,” Pinchas Cohen, one of the lead researchers from the University of Southern California in the US said in a press release.

MOTS-c was injected into the bodies of mice which were previously made to consume high-fat diets that are known to cause obesity and insulin resistance. However, the new hormone that was administered to them generated positive effects by countering the two problems.

Furthermore, a more spectacular positive effect was observed: the age-dependent insulin-resistance was also reversed.

MOTS-c seems to be one special hormone. It is encoded in the mitochondrial DNA instead of the nuclear DNA.

“This discovery sheds new light on mitochondria and positions them as active regulators of metabolism,” said Changhan Lee, the lead author of the study, in the release.

It is to be noted that the study involved only mice. It is not sure whether humans will also display the same effects. Human trials might only begin in three years’ time.


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