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A Sugar-Cane A Day Keeps Obesity Away

You must have heard the famous one liner “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But now scientists from the University of Srinakharinwirot in Thailand have come up with an unbelievable conclusion that eating raw sugar cane can actually prevent obesity. The new study lead by Professor Khon Kaen Nor has showed that the sugar cane variety CoM.7125 and CoM.7127 contain certain compounds that affect the gut microflora that in turn has effects on weight maintenance.

sugar cane juice

The research focused on particular varieties of sugar cane: the CoM.7125 and CoM.7127. The gut bacteria are associated with digestion, immunity and weight maintenance. That is how obese people have disbalanced gut bacteria. The chemical components of the CoM.7125 and CoM.7127 interacted with these gut bacteria, thereby demonstrating how sugar-cane can potentially impact positively on obesity.

While the balance of gut bacteria of obese people is supposed to be impaired, the study showed that the faeces of obese mice which consumed sugar cane juice made from CoM.7125 and CoM.7127 had similar proportion of bacteria as the faeces of lean mice.

The bioactive compounds contained in sugar canes, such as polyphenols is not absorbed in the body cells during digestion. Rather, they stay and affect the gut flora of microorganisms. These compounds are fermented by the bacteria found in the colon, thereby producing butyric acid that causes the gut bacteria to flourish.

Imbalance of the gut microflora also predisposes people to diabetes: the imbalance caused by the food we eat leads to chronic inflammation that, in turn, leads to diabetes. The researchers found that CoM.7125 and CoM.7127 might help to reduce the inflammation associated with these diseases.

The authors are positive that the results will enable consumers to use sugarcane to fight obesity.

PS: Happy April Fool day 2015!


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