Month: April 2015

Bumblebees Drink Nicotine To Heal Parasitic Infections

Bumblebee species Bombus impatiens appear to regulate parasitic infections by consuming nectar that contains nicotine. The drug seems to account for a significant decrease in parasites gnawing at the bees. However, the medicine is found to be costly: the nicotine might be affecting the bees’ appetite adversely. Humans are not the only ones who take

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First Most Complete Universe Map Has Been Created

Avid physics-lovers, rejoice. Scientists have recently worked out the most complete map of the universe. The map is a three-dimensional one, spherical in shape, showing the position and mass distribution of galaxies. What makes the endeavour even more exciting is that it takes motion into consideration. The movement of galaxies across the heavens can now

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Pancreatic Cancer Cells Reprogrammed Into Normal Non-Cancer Cells

Treating pancreatic cancer might now become easier as a new study has tested an alternative method to tackle the disease. A new study with amazing results might be the light at the end of the tunnel for the most common form of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic adenocarcinoma, the survival rate of which is 6 months only.

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Depression Brings Changes To Mitochondrial DNA

Scientists have discovered that stress-induced depression is correlated with an increase in the length of mitochondrial DNA. Furthermore, it was observed in mice that stress is associated with a decrease in the length of telomeres.The findings were published in the journal Current Biology. Depression leads one to a terrible roller-coaster ride, many times compared to

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New Cancer Therapy Destroys Tumours, Leaving A Hole Behind

A new combination therapy given to a tumour patient has proved to be extremely effective in ‘treating’ the cancer. However, experts believe it might be more harmful than beneficial. The patient to whom it was administered had her tumour “dissolved” from her chest in only 3 weeks. The trouble is that the tumour left behind a

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Serotonin and Depression – There is no real link according to new studies


There is no link between Serotonin and depression. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter thought to be associated with feelings of happiness, is often viewed as an important element in fighting depression. However, the relevance of serotonin-based treatment for depression has been put into question by psychiatrist David Healy from North Wales. A psychiatrist from North Wales has

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The Universe’s Largest Known Structure: The Supervoid

A supervoid might have brought answers to important cosmic mysteries. The largest known structure in the universes might just be a giant void – at least, evidence found by astronomers seems to point to that. While more observations are needed to confirm the discovery of the “supervoid”, it is likely that it can explain the

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Sex Crimes Might Be Running in the Genes

According to a new study, genetics might be playing a role in the tendency of men to become perpetrators of sexual crimes. The findings have suggested that sons and brothers of convicted sex offenders are more likely than other men to be convicted for similar crimes. Sex crimes might be running in the genes. A

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Chinese Scientists Set To Create The First Mutant?

A study dealing with modifying human embryo at the level of the genes has received much warning and words of caution from other researchers. Scientists from China had allegedly edited human embryo genomes successfully, thereby modifying the DNA like it was never done before – the germline, the sensitive genetic information that is brought to

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Builders In China Discover Fossilised Dinosaur Eggs

Men engaged in construction works on a road situated in the south of China have made a spectacular discovery: 43 fossilised dinosaur eggs. The fossilised eggs. Photo credits: Corbis 43 dinosaur eggs were spotted earlier this month. The amazing discovery made by builders occurred in Heyuan, Guangdong Province, China. The city is actually nicknamed the

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Google Searching For Loch Ness Monster

Has Google spotted the Loch Ness Monster, Nessie, yet?! It is said to have captured images of the lake, and from underneath it, said to be “from the perspective of Nessie“. Those eager to prove the alleged existence of the creature can start looking for it via Google! Loch Ness is a large freshwater lake in

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Can you guess how many mass extinctions has Earth experienced?

For years now, scientists have agreed upon five recognised mass extinctions that are said to have wiped out life on our planet in the distant past. New research, though, has suggested that a sixth one is added to the club of the famous five: the Capitanian extinction that is believed to have occurred 260 million

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