Day: April 14, 2015

Google Malaysia Defaced By Hacker “Tiger-Mate Bangladeshi”

Google Inc’s Malaysia website was taken over by hackers on Tuesday. Users were denied access to it and were instead redirected to another page that read “Google Malaysia Hacked by Tiger-Mate #Bangladeshi Hacker”. A spokesperson acknowledged the problem and informed the public of the situation:- “We’re aware that some users are having trouble connecting to

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Will The Earth Be Hit By Asteroid “2012 TC4” In 2017?

The asteroid 2012 TC4 is expected to pass pretty close to the Earth on the 12th of October 2017. Its size is not yet known. Nor is the exact distance when it will be its closest to our planet. Are we in danger? Scientists are forever observing the sky, on the look-out for massive heavenly

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