Day: April 27, 2015

Serotonin and Depression – There is no real link according to new studies


There is no link between Serotonin and depression. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter thought to be associated with feelings of happiness, is often viewed as an important element in fighting depression. However, the relevance of serotonin-based treatment for depression has been put into question by psychiatrist David Healy from North Wales. A psychiatrist from North Wales has

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The Universe’s Largest Known Structure: The Supervoid

A supervoid might have brought answers to important cosmic mysteries. The largest known structure in the universes might just be a giant void – at least, evidence found by astronomers seems to point to that. While more observations are needed to confirm the discovery of the “supervoid”, it is likely that it can explain the

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Sex Crimes Might Be Running in the Genes

According to a new study, genetics might be playing a role in the tendency of men to become perpetrators of sexual crimes. The findings have suggested that sons and brothers of convicted sex offenders are more likely than other men to be convicted for similar crimes. Sex crimes might be running in the genes. A

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Chinese Scientists Set To Create The First Mutant?

A study dealing with modifying human embryo at the level of the genes has received much warning and words of caution from other researchers. Scientists from China had allegedly edited human embryo genomes successfully, thereby modifying the DNA like it was never done before – the germline, the sensitive genetic information that is brought to

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