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Fact: Grilled Cheese Lovers Are More Sexually Active

If you like grilled cheese, you might be having a pretty active sexual life. Or, so says a survey performed by a dating site.

grilled cheese _ sex

The social networking and dating site Skout has revealed the results of a survey it did some time back: according to the information that was gathered from its users, how someone likes his grilled cheese speaks a lot about his sex life. Publishing the results of the survey was part of “celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day”.

4600 individuals were involved in the survey. Some were grilled cheese lovers and some were not. 73 % of the first group affirm having sex at least once a month compared with 63 % of those who do not love the food item. At least 32 % of the grilled cheese lovers have sex at least 6 times per month, as opposed to 27 % of those who do not have a liking for grilled cheese.

The survey also reveals that 82 % of the individuals who love grilled cheese attest that they give to people in need, in terms of their time, money, and food.

Another ‘finding’ of the survey is that 84 % of the grilled cheese lovers love travelling compared with 78 % of the other group.


Photo credits: blog.skout.com

The survey is not part of a scientific study and should not be regarded as such. But, the figures obtained are indeed somewhat queer. Could being a lover of grilled cheese actually speak about someone’s other tendencies such as sexual ones?


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