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Google Malaysia Defaced By Hacker “Tiger-Mate Bangladeshi”

Google Inc’s Malaysia website was taken over by hackers on Tuesday. Users were denied access to it and were instead redirected to another page that read “Google Malaysia Hacked by Tiger-Mate #Bangladeshi Hacker”.

hacking _ Malaysia

A spokesperson acknowledged the problem and informed the public of the situation:-

“We’re aware that some users are having trouble connecting to google.com.my, or are being directed to a different website. We’ve reached out to the organization responsible for managing this domain name and hope to have the issue resolved shortly.”

The firm that is responsible for the management of the domain name, MYNIC, was approached to resolve the issue. MYNIC is controlled by the Malaysian Ministry of Communications and Multimedia. It administrates all websites with domain name “.my”.

Google Malaysia had then recommended their users to visit another website owned by the country meanwhile.

The reason behind the attack has not yet been revealed. The predicament, however, bears close resemblance to a DNS hijacking case of Google’s Vietnam homepage that occurred in February.

Google Malaysia seems to be back online now, but the company has not confirmed whether the problem has been fully solved or not.


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