Day: May 6, 2015

NASA’s New Shape-Changing Wings Airplane

NASA has successfully tested a morphing wing technology on a Gulfstream III airplane. The wings are, in fact, flexible and can change shape mid-flight. A modified Gulfstream III airplane used for the ACTE flexible-flap research project. Photo credits: NASA. Airplane technology has just got wilder: a vehicle with wings that can change their shape during

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Creepy Species of Catfish Found Climbing In A Cave

Researchers have spotted individuals of a species of catfish, the Chaetostoma microps, climbing a nearly vertical flowstone waterfall in a cave system. The findings have been published in the journal Subterranean Biology. Chaetostoma microps A group of international researchers stumbled upon a peculiar and spectacular discovery when they set out to make an inventory of the

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Fly To Mars In Only 70 Days With NASA’s Futuristic Engine

Researchers from NASA have been successful at testing an engine in a vacuum bearing close resemblance to space that could take us to Mars in only 70 days without relying on rocket fuel. The apparatus is the electromagnetic propulsion drive, also known as the EM Drive. We just got closer to Mars. However, it is to

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Antarctica’s Blood Fall | What is it really?

Astonishing findings have been revealed in the journal Nature Communications as to a spectacular discovery in Antarctica’s McMurdo Dry Valleys, one of the world’s harshest deserts. What is apparently uninhabitable a land actually has life thriving in its midst: the valleys’ underground lakes might be habitat for microorganisms. Dry valleys of Antarctica. NASA Images. The McMurdo

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