Day: May 8, 2015

High Probability of Life on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

Another heavenly body out there might be fostering life: Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Scientists have found that the pH of water coming from a geyser-like plume on Enceladus might be an indication of whether the moon can sustain life or not. Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons The finding is considered to be pertinent to determine whether

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Origin of Bioluminescence In Millipedes Explained

Scientist Paul Marek attempted to explain the origin of bioluminescence in a species of millipede living in California. According to his study, the property evolved as a way to cope with dry environments and grew into a warning signal for predators only later. Bioluminescence in millipedes. Photo credits: National Geographic Society Expeditions Council. Millipedes residing in

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NASA Records “X-File Sounds” 36 Km Above The Earth

X-files-style sounds have been recorded 36 km above the surface of our planet. The data was recorded as part of a student experiment. Some of the sounds remain a mystery. An image of the recording. Photo credits: Daniel Bowman/University of North Carolina. Strange complex sounds have been captured 36 km above the surface of the

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The Appeal of Late-Night Snacking Explained

A new study has suggested that we might tend to consume more late at night because we find less satisfaction in eating at that time, hence leading us to over-consumption. The findings have been published in the journal Brain Imaging and Behavior. They say, refrigerators have light bulbs incorporated for the sake of midnight snacks.

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This Plant Only Grows In Diamonds Rich Soil

A geologist discovered a plant (the Pandanus candelabrum) growing in a diamond-rich medium only. This finding might help locating diamond deposits. The study has been published in the journal Economic Geology. The Pandanus candelabrum, growing in diamond-rich kimberlite soils only. Photo credits: Stephen Haggerty. A researcher from Florida International University discovered that the plant species Pandanus candelabrum’s best friend

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Pollen Might Be Helping in the Process of Cloud Formation

With rain, dead lands are brought back to life to sprout flowers of all kinds, and it seems that the latter return the favour: a new research has shown that pollen from flowers might be aiding in the process of cloud formation that is ultimately responsible for rainfall. The findings were published in the journal

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Stay Younger By Fasting Intermittently


Intermittent fasting has been practised throughout history. Individuals of the hunter-gatherer era faced long periods of time going without food or with very little food to later organise feasts in times of abundance. People from a less distant past had had to face scarcity of food as well. Several modern lifestyles, including some religions, also

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