Day: May 20, 2015

Camera Able to Shoot Events Occurring At 45,000 km/s Invented

Scientists are often led to fantastic inventions in their quest for knowledge. Such an instance has brought into the world a camera able to capture images of events occurring at speed 45,000 kilometers per second, which is one-sixth of the speed of light. The camera has been named STAMP (Sequentially Timed All-optical Mapping Photography). It

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Hold Your Breath During Injection To Decrease The Pain!

Researchers have suggested that taking in one’s breath at the time of injection will make the experience less painful. The abstract of the study is available online. A researcher from the University of Jaén in Spain, Gustavo Reyes del Paso, hypothesised that holding one’s breath will increase one’s pain threshold; holding the breath is a

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New Study: The Zebrafish Produces Its Own Sunscreen

A new study has documented the ability of the zebrafish to generate a compound known as gadusol as a protection against harmful rays emanating from the sun. The findings have been described in the journal eLife. Scientists hope that this trait of the fish can be exploited for the benefit of humans in the future.

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Fruit Flies Might Have Building Blocks of Emotions

A new study, published in Current Biology, has revealed the possibility of flies being more ’emotionally intense’ than we would have otherwise given them credit for. The latter’s response to threats has been revealed to be more complex than the typical reflex action. Rather, the reactions of the insects have suggested that they might be having

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