Day: May 27, 2015

Iris Recognition System Identifies Individuals From 40 Feet

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in the US have brought forth the latest innovation in the field of biometric technology. They have shown that iris recognition can be used to identify drivers using an image of their eye captured from the side mirror of their vehicle. This would be faster than traditional ways of identifying

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Common Ancestor of Modern Snakes Had Ankles & Toes

A new study suggests that the common ancestor of modern living snakes had vestigial limbs: ankles and toes. The findings have been published in BMC Evolutionary Biology. What did the common ancestor of modern snakes look like? Snake evolution has been a challenging research area because of the fragility of the skeletons of the creatures

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Biodegradable Wood-Based Computer Chip Invented

A team of scientists have recently invented the world’s first biodegradable wood-made semiconductor chip. As electronics have gained ground in our contemporary societies, so has e-waste. As a matter of fact, when we dispose of used electronics, they do not get biodegraded; they thus constitute a waste of space, as well as pollutants in the

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SIRV2 Virus, Potential Candidate To Kill Anthrax Pathogen

The SIRV2, a virus infecting a certain microbial species, is thought to be a potential candidate to tackle diseases brought about by harmful spores, like those causing anthrax. The researchers found similarities between SIRV2 and these spores, which are able to resist high acidity; they believe the virus might be used to gain knowledge as to how to destroy

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