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Camera Able to Shoot Events Occurring At 45,000 km/s Invented

Scientists are often led to fantastic inventions in their quest for knowledge. Such an instance has brought into the world a camera able to capture images of events occurring at speed 45,000 kilometers per second, which is one-sixth of the speed of light.


The camera has been named STAMP (Sequentially Timed All-optical Mapping Photography). It will record events at a speed of more than 1-trillion-frames-per-second which makes of it 1,000 times faster than the usual high-speed cameras.

“[It] holds great promise for studying a diverse range of previously unexplored complex ultrafast phenomena,” one of the team, radiologist Keiichi Nakagawa from the University of Tokyo, said in a press release.

Its creators are Japanese radiologists who will use the tool to generate intricately detailed images of the physical and biological processes of the body.

“Many physical and biological phenomena are difficult to reproduce,” said Nakagawa.

“This inspired me to work on an ultrafast camera that could take multiple frames in a single shot.”

The camera operates by the process of dispersion whereby it splits one light pulse into fast rainbow-coloured smaller pulses.

The team of researchers is now attempting to increase the number of frames the camera can capture in one shot only. They want to reach 25 frames per shot. They will also aim to have 100 frames per shot.


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