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Expert Gamers Have More Grey Matter & Better Brain Connectivity Than Amateurs

A new study has increased the appeal of action video games even more: its findings showed that expert gamers have more grey matter than amateur ones, and they also have better connected brains. It seems likes gaming does more good than one would have thought.


A new research has suggested that gamers tend to have a better connected brain. The scientists, led by Dezhong Yao, came to this conclusion after they had analysed the cognitive function of different levels of Action Video Gamers (AVGs). The latter are known for being subject to physical challenges like hand-eye coordination and reaction-time games, such as racing and fighting.

The findings have been explained in Scientific Reports.

27 expert gamers and 30 amateur gamers enlisted their participation for the study. The MRI scans of their brains that were performed were concentrated on networks within the insular cortex, which is linked with perception, motor control and cognitive functioning.

The results then revealed that the brain hemispheres of expert gamers displayed greater functional connectivity than those of the amateurs.

Furthermore, the superior connections were found mostly in the left hemisphere; this is the part of the brain that is associated with calculations, logic and objective thinking. This implies that expert gamers are better at problem solving in the action video games.

Yet another finding is that the experts seem to have more grey matter in their brains than the amateurs. This was even more pronounced in the left insular cortex and the central insular sulcus. This means that the experts are able to process information more effectively.


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