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German Inventor Creates Iron-Man Glove That Fires Beams

Iron-Man fans, this article is going to make your day! Laser expert Patrick Priebe has constructed an Iron Man ‘glove’ (an arm and hand) that allows one to shoot lasers at random objects.

Iron Man gloves shooting

The Iron Man-like arm and hand that fires beams is seen lighting a match.

The new invention of Patrick Priebe, an arm and hand resembling one of Iron Man’s ‘gloves’, is able to fire beams from the back of the wrist, or from the wearer’s palm. The gadget is powered by Lithium-ion cells.

Good news. The new invention can be ordered from Patrick Priebe himself. You can even order his Laser Gloves and Laser Gauntlet/Arm in different wavelengths, ranging from the blue 405nm-type laser model to one fitted with 445nm, or even 650nm. The output ranges are between 0.2 W and 1.2 W. The prices are not known though.

Furthermore, the Laser Glove can be fired for 3 minutes without having to replace the batteries. They can be made for any of the two hands.

Mr Priebe is known for designing and creating metal laser gadgets that are sold online. You can find some of his videos featuring his creations here.

Other of his inventions include a Spiderman-style web shooter and Cyclops style laser glasses, as well as a Laser Watch reminiscent of James Bond’s gadgets.


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