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Men in Suits Are More Open-Minded & Think Differently

The concept that men in suits have a certain appeal specific to them might have a ring of truth to it. A new study has revealed that a suit changes the perception of the man wearing it: he views the world from a different lens altogether – a better one.

man in suit

The researchers of the study came to the conclusion that men in suits are better at thought processing after they conducted several experiments. They started by having the participants rate the formality of their clothing. The latter were then made to take cognitive tests to analyse their thought process.

The next step entailed making the participants dress formally. Again, they took similar cognitive tests.

The findings thereafter suggested that wearing a suit stimulated people to prefer using abstract thought processing than concrete processing, that is, their thought processes were greater in scope and all-inclusive instead of being narrow and limited.

One of the authors of the study, Abraham Rutchick, professor of psychology from the California State University said in a statement:

“Putting on formal clothes makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way we see the world,” he told the Atlantic.

Professor of management at Columbia Business School and co-author of the study Michael Slepian also commented on their study:-

“Whether you wear formal clothing every workday, or only every wedding, my prediction is that we would find a similar influence because the clothing still feels formal in both situations.”

“It takes a long time for symbols and our agreed interpretations of those symbols to change, and I wouldn’t expect the suit as a symbol of power to be leaving us anytime soon.”


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