Day: June 4, 2015

Plasma Tubes In Earth’s Magnetosphere Captured in Images

Plasma structures in the layers of the Earth’s magnetosphere do not constitute a myth anymore. Astronomers have finally captured images of the tubular structures, thereby proving the beliefs of scientists. The findings have been published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. The existence of plasma structures around the Earth was suspected by scientists. However, images

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Transmitting Data Across Computer Chips Using Light

Transporting data across computer chips can be done without electricity: researchers have successfully achieved the same by using light. The new study shows how data transmission can be made to be much faster, and simultaneously using up less energy. Even if we can send data in the form of photons through optical fibres on the Internet,

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A Bad Night’s Sleep Linked With Increased Food Intake

The far-reaching consequences of a good (or bad) night’s sleep seem to include food consumption: a new study published in the Journal of Health Psychology (JHP) suggests that disrupted sleep patterns might lead to the tendency of consuming more food than usual, thereby exposing the person to long-term chronic health problems. The study takes into consideration the

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One-Hour Therapy Cures Acute Insomnia Patients

Not having a good night’s sleep comes with bitter consequences – ask anyone suffering from insomnia. Finding solutions to the predicament can be quite challenging. Fortunately, scientists of a new study have come with a ray of hope: a one-hour therapy that proved to be successful on around 75 % of the participants who were

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HIV has a voracious sweet tooth and is its downfall

If there was one thing in common between humans and HIV, it would be the craving for sugar. A new study has suggested that HIV pines for sugar and other nutrients once it invades an activated immune cell. Therefore, cutting its access to the sugar hinders its growth, and thus its proliferation. It appears that

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