Day: June 17, 2015

Cinnamon Might Help Protect Against Cancer

Past studies have hinted at the potential beneficial effects of cinnamon on health. A new study has now suggested that it might help against cancer. One of its compounds known as cinnamaldehyde which confers on the spice its characteristic flavour has demonstrated colorectal cancer-inhibiting ability in mice. The findings have been published in Cancer Prevention Research.

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Teenager Discovers New Exoplanet Outside Our Solar System

Tom Wagg became one of the youngest individuals to have detected a planet in our universe: 2 years ago, at only 15 years of age, he was able to identify one outside of our solar system, according to a press release from Keele University in the UK. A sketch of what Wagg’s planet looks like;

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Green Jet Fuel Made From Sugarcane

A group of scientists have developed a procedure to make a ‘green’ fuel for aircrafts from sugarcane. The researchers explain that components obtained from the crop can be used to make jet fuel and lubricants. The findings have been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Airplanes are expected to increasingly account for

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New Study: Extroverts Tend To Be Less ‘Green’

A new study investigating personality types of individuals and their attitude towards green lifestyles. The results showed that extroverts are less likely to incline towards green options like switching off lights when not in use, and using their own bags when shopping. The study is available on ScienceDirecte. The habits of 204 people over the

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New Bacterial Species Breathe & Thrive In Uranium

A new species of bacteria from the class betaproteobacteria has been discovered in an abandoned radioactive site in Colorado. The organism is deemed to be remarkable because of its ability to breathe in uranium and to thrive in harsh radioactive environments. The findings are described in a paper entitled “Spatial Distribution of an Uranium-Respiring Betaproteobacterium

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Microsoft’s Project Premonition: Using Drones To Detect Harmful Viruses & Mosquitoes

Microsoft’s new project – Project Premonition – has recently been launched to use drones to detect viruses as a means of prevention of infectious diseases. The pathogenic organisms will be identified by a group of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) before they infect people. Ethan Jackson, the Microsoft researcher behind the project, with a drone for

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