Day: June 18, 2015

Adorabilis: World’s Most Adorable Octopus Looks Like Pacman

An undocumented form of “flapjack octopus” deemed extremely cute and adorable by both scientists and people of the Internet might soon be named Opisthoteuthis adorabilis. Opisthotheusis Adorabilis. Photo credits: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. A mysterious cephalopod, described as a type of flapjack octopus, might soon be named Opisthoteuthis adorabilis. Can anyone deny that the

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Watching Cat Videos Stimulates Positive Emotions

The winner of the Internet definitely is the cat. Anyone familiar with social online media can attest to the fact that cat videos (and pictures, for that matter) have invaded all of them; Facebook itself has so many Pages dedicated to the felines only. Well, guess what researchers have recently found out! Assistant professor Jessica

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