Day: June 22, 2015

Starfish Observed To Push Out Deeply Embedded Foreign Objects Through Its Arm Tip

Yet another talent of the starfish (Asterias rubens) has been unveiled by biology students from the University of Southern Denmark: the creature can squeeze foreign particles out of its arm tips. This new research is expected to help explain how some animals can heal themselves relatively quickly. A starfish seen squeezing a foreign object through the

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Scientists Concoct The Coldest Molecules In The Known Universe

Physicists from the US have created the coldest molecules in the known Universe. The group of researchers hailing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have caused a cluster of molecules to reach 500 nanokelvins, which is only 500-billionths of a degree above absolute zero (-459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, or -273.15 degrees Celsius). The findings have been published

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Diets Mimicking Fasting Slows Down Ageing and Reduces Cancer Risks

A new study led by Valter Longo from the University of Southern California (USC) demonstrates that occasionally sticking to a diet that yields similar effects to those of fasting may generate beneficial effects to the health. The findings have been published by Cell Metabolism. According to the new study, a 5-day diet that mimics fasting

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High Consumption of Dietary Trans Fat Is Worsening Your Memory

A new study has revealed that dietary trans fatty acids (dTFA) is linked with impairment of memory function. The findings have been published online, on PLOSONE. dTFA (also known as trans fats) is commonly used in processed foods with the aim to enhancing taste and texture, as well as to make the food last longer. Health

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Bill Gates Sponsors Research of Single-Dose Contraception For Women

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently announced that it has granted $5 million to fund a research carried out by scientists from the Oregon Health & Science University to produce a single-dose contraceptive for women without requiring surgery. In its announcement on its website, the purpose of the work is said to be to

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