Day: June 23, 2015

Manipulating A Single Gene Suppresses Colorectal Cancer Completely

A new research in genetics shows how manipulating certain genes of mice reversed colorectal cancer. The cancer cells were modified into normal ones within days – the tumour growths were thus changed. The scientists now wish to do the same in humans. The findings have been published in the journal Cell. The trouble with colorectal tumours

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Proof: Kids With Better Memory Are Better Liars

Kids performing well at verbal memory tests are more likely to have their pants on fire. As per the results of a hidden-camera experiment, children who are good at memorising words are better at concocting lies. The findings are published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, available on online database ScienceDirect. Children of 6 and

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Smart Insulin Patches Invented To Replace Injections

Newly-invented smart insulin patches could soon replace insulin injections. The patches are extremely small in size, and contain insulin in microscopic storage units as well as glucose-sensing enzymes. When the blood level is sensed to be too high, the insulin is released into the bloodstream. This method, as opposed to insulin injections, is not painful

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Humans Will Soon Go Extinct According To This New Study

A new study has voiced out one of the worst fears of humanity: humans are allegedly now at risk of being eliminated completely. According to a group of biologists, vertebrates are currently going extinct more than ever before – the fastest rate of disappearance since the dinosaurs were wiped out. Humans might be next. The

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