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Bill Gates Sponsors Research of Single-Dose Contraception For Women

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently announced that it has granted $5 million to fund a research carried out by scientists from the Oregon Health & Science University to produce a single-dose contraceptive for women without requiring surgery.


In its announcement on its website, the purpose of the work is said to be to “develop additional safe, effective, acceptable and accessible methods of permanent or very long-acting contraception that will fill an unmet need for women who have reached their desired family size and do not wish to become pregnant again”.

Women must be rejoicing at the news. If the birth control method is as promised, women will not have to go through the hassle of choosing among condoms, hormonal implants, or the contraceptive pill.

The grant has, however, received criticism as well: the opponents argue that the method could be used to have control over who reproduces and who does not. This claim has been refuted by the gynaecologist who leads contraceptive research at the Oregon Health & Science University, Jeffrey Jensen:-

“My goal is very simple: to make every pregnancy planned and highly desired,” he said in a statement.


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