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Students Invent “Chameleon” Condom That Changes Colour According To STD Detected

A team of high school students from the UK have invented a “chameleon” condom: one that changes colour when in contact with pathogens responsible for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They even coined a name for it: S.T.EYE. If your partner lies about any such infectious diseases like herpes, you can now catch him red-handed before the act!


The condom has molecules embedded into its rubber that are able to adhere to bacteria and viruses specifically. This attachment is what leads to the colour change: the condom will fluoresce different colours in low light as per the pathogens detected.

“We wanted to make something that makes detecting harmful STIs safer than ever before, so that people can take immediate action in the privacy of their own homes without the invasive procedures at the doctors,” said 14-year-old Daanyaal Ali, one of the inventors, in a statement.

S.T.EYE would glow yellow for herpes, green for chlamydia, purple for human papillomavrius and blue for syphilis.

The invention made the team of students including 13-year-old Muaz Nawaz, and 14-year-old Chirag Shah, win the best health innovation TeenTech award. They are to receive their award at Buckingham Palace. Furthermore, they will be awarded £1,000.

The young inventors hope that their creation will help make sex safer.

“We created the S.T.EYE as a new way for STI detection to help the future of the next generation,” said Ali. “We’ve made sure we’re able to give peace of mind to users and make sure people can be even more responsible than ever before.”


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