Month: July 2015

World’s Most Powerful Laser System Created in Japan

Laser technology has been subject to much development since the last few years. Recently, researchers from Osaka, Japan, say that they have created the most powerful laser in the world. The scientists of the “most powerful laser” explain that the two-quadrillion watt laser pulse they created lasted one trillionth of a second only. However short-lived

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Large Marine “Dinosaur” Discovered in Alaska For The First Time

The first plesiosaur, more specifically an elasmosaur, to ever be discovered in Alaska, in the Talkeetna Mountains, has recently been documented by researchers. It is not specifically a dinosaur since it did not walk on land; rather it is a large marine reptile. The 70-million-year-old fossil dates back from the late Cretaceous period. The picture

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Kids Are Flexible Copy-Cats!

A new study has suggested that kids do not automatically imitate adults for every single thing. Rather, they pick and choose what they themselves wish to copy, and adapt their behaviour to their particular goals of imitating. The findings have been published in the journal Cognition. Researchers from the University of Texas have found that

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Intestinal Bacteria Contribute To Anxiety & Depression


Gut bacteria might play a role in inducing anxiety and depression, according to a new study carried out by researchers from the Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute at McMaster University. The findings have been published in the journal Nature Communications. The new research marks the first time the role of intestinal bacteria bas been analysed

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Ants Can Synchronize Group Movement & Individual Instructions

Ants prove time and again that size is not necessarily a liability. A new study has demonstrated that they can synchronise collective ability to individual initiative for heavy lifting. Researchers observed a group of ants modifying their direction without resisting upon an “instruction” from a self-proclaimed, short-term leader. The findings have been published in Nature Communications.

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Isolated Taste of Fats Is Terrible!

Food with high-fat contents might appeal to people to a great extent, but did you ever wonder how does fat itself taste like? Scientists from Purdue University have recently isolated the taste which they have described as being “terrible”. A group of scientists are of the opinion that fat is a basic taste like the

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New Drug Can Treat Depression In Less Than 24 Hours

Scientists claim that a new drug can treat depression in less than 24 hours without major side-effects. The findings that have been published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology will have to be confirmed before clinical trials are planned. If the trials are successful, the drug might replace the current drugs that take around 3 to 8

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China’s Unmanned Mission To The Far Side Of The Moon

The dark side of the moon has always fascinated the mind of man. Soon enough, it might no more be a mystery to us: China intends to launch an unmanned mission to the other side by 2018 or 2019. The far side of the moon – the side we never see. Photo credits: NASA’s Scientific

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Oldest Evidence Of Dentistry Found in 14,000-Year-Old Tooth

While you might be complaining about visits to the dentist, know that you are so much better off than people with cavities living 14,000 years ago when “dentists” of that time would use sharpened stone tools to remove infected teeth. The findings have been published in the journal Scientific Reports. Evidence of oldest known form

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French Girl Cured From AIDS Helps With Large-Scale Trial To Find A Remedy

A French girl has allegedly been completely cured from AIDS. She was infected at birth and was subjected to treatment till she reached 6 years of age. The therapy was stopped for unknown reasons, and more than a decade later, she exhibited no sign of active infection. The case of the French teenager was presented

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Science Reveals Which Horror Movie Type Is The Scariest

Horror movies are known for the stress and fear that they generate in their viewers. But, have you ever wondered which type is the scariest?! Researcher Keith Bound from the University of Nottingham set out to define the types of thrills that scare us the most when watching horror movies. His methodology entailed analysing the

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An Earth Clone Named Kepler-452b Has Been Discovered

Decades and decades spent in trying to find life beyond our planet, NASA has finally come across one very similar in size to the Earth with the potential of being habitable. NASA’s Kepler mission has recently confirmed the discovery of the smallest planet (named Kepler-452b) to be found orbiting in what is called the “habitable zone”.

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