Day: July 3, 2015

Beware: Connecting to Wifi Anonymously By Being 2.5 Miles Away

Security researcher Benjamin Caudill has created a device, named ProxyHam, that allows users to connect anonymously to public Wi-Fi networks from 2.5 miles away. Armed with the device, which is described as a “hardware proxy”, users can access public Wi-Fi networks over an unidentifiable low-frequency radio channel such that even government agencies and spies would

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Genetically Diverse Parents Have Taller Children

According to a new study, children are more likely to become taller, smarter and better educated when their parents share fewer genes; that is, the more distantly related the latter are, the greater is the chance of the offspring to have the qualities mentioned. The findings have been published in the journal Nature. Genetic diversity

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Mathematical Formula for LOVE Discovered

Love has been boiled down to a formula by a mathematician and a psychologist according to Hannah Fry, from the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis in London. Hannah Fry recently released a book entitled “The Mathematics of Love”. She also explained the “equation of love” in a 2014 TED Talk. According to her, the best

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Weird Sinkholes Seen On Rosetta Comet

Sinkholes are apparently not a feature found on Earth only. The Rosetta comet has been reported to have some on its surface! One of the pits on the Rosetta comet. Photo credits: Vincent et al., Nature Publishing Group. The famous comet identified by the Rosetta spacecraft was seen to have bizarre, round holes on its surface.

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Mysterious Large “Dolphin In Fur” Discovered On A Beach In Russia

A mysterious aquatic creature has been discovered along a shore in Russia. It has not been established to which species it belong. Its appearance has a hint of a dolphin because of its beak, but otherwise, it is nothing like a dolphin: rather, it is covered in fur and is extremely large. The creature recently

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