Day: July 13, 2015

This New Tech Allows You To Communicate With Dogs

While humans are the only creatures on Earth endowed with the faculty of speech, the ability of other animals to communicate with each other as well as with us cannot be ignored. Perhaps, we might even break this barrier future in the future. A new study might have paved the way for this: scientists from

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Sharks & Odd Creatures Spotted In An Underwater Volcano in South Pacific

Just when you think the world couldn’t get weirder, guess what?! It does! Scientists have recently discovered a community of sharks living inside an underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean! If this was a way to hide from humans, the sharks have just been busted! A population of sharks have been spotted in volcano Kavachi

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Pac-Man Spacecraft To Eat & Digest Space Debris

Man seemingly cannot help but leave trash behind wherever he goes. Humanity seeking to conquer space – as per his ability – has resulted in huge amounts of debris left floating out there. According to an estimate, 21,000 pieces of debris larger than 10 centimetres are currently orbiting the Earth. Now, how to clean up

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Scientists Use Laser Beams To Bond Magnesium Atoms Into Molecules

Researchers have recently used laser beams to control chemical processes, a first in atomic bonding science. This might pave the way to developing further photochemistry techniques. The findings have been published in the journal Physical Review Letters. In the past, laser beams have been used to break bonds. On the other hand, the reverse proved to

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Using Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags Leads To Buying More Junk Food

Everything comes with a price. It seems that the price tag environmentally friendly bags meant to promote a green mindset is to the detriment of our own health: a new study suggests that “eco bags” cause people to buy more junk food. The study has been published in the Journal of Marketing. The researchers of

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IBM Makes The Most Powerful Computer Chips Ever Created!

The world of technology has witnessed the advent of a “much higher-capacity” computer chip ever made, as boasts IBM. Researchers showing a wafer comprising 7nm chips in a NFX clean room in Albany, New York. Photo credits: Darryl Bautista/ Feature Photo Service/ IBM. The computer chip is said to be around four times more powerful than

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