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Boeing’s Compact Laser Weapon System Destroys Everything In Its Path

Mankind has developed weaponry ever since history can be traced back. Boeing’s new product known as the Compact Laser Weapon System might be the most innovative of them all, with the ability to destroy everything standing in its way.


Boeing’s Compact Laser Weapon System might soon be integrated into the U.S Marine Corps. The system consists of a combination of weapons never seen before: a batter, a commercial fibre laser, a water-cooled chiller, as well as a beam director.

The Compact Laser Weapon System can be used to identify and launch attacks on aerial targets, from aircrafts flying low to unmanned aerial vehicles. It can produce beams of energy up to 10 kilowatts. The system weighs around 295 kg and can be operated by an average of 10 marines.

The system is currently being tested by the U.S Special Operations. Boeing explains that it can be made to fire continuously. According to them, the weapon can easily destroy everything in its path, thus conquering any battlefield. Furthermore, it constitutes a rather profitable endeavour for the company. A MiroMarket Monitor study has found that this type of weapon hit around $ 3.1 billion on the US market back in 2013. Now, this is expected to reach a staggering $ 8.1 billion given the huge demand for such products.


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