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Beware: Connecting to Wifi Anonymously By Being 2.5 Miles Away

Security researcher Benjamin Caudill has created a device, named ProxyHam, that allows users to connect anonymously to public Wi-Fi networks from 2.5 miles away.


Armed with the device, which is described as a “hardware proxy”, users can access public Wi-Fi networks over an unidentifiable low-frequency radio channel such that even government agencies and spies would find it challenging to decipher the identity of the owner.

Proxyham consists of a WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi computer equipped with three antennas; one antenna connect to a source Wi-Fi network while the other two transmit the signal at 900 MHz. The frequency allows connection to a far-away Wi-Fi.

Were spies to succeed in tracing the Internet connection, they would only find the IP address of the ProxyHam box transmitting a low-level radio signal a long distance away in the same direction.

Caudill is currently working on enhancing his brain child: the latter might soon be able to self-destruct. Furthermore, it will be made even smaller to be easier to hide away.

“If you throw this in a library it would take you years to be able to identify it,” Caudill said.

The ProxyHam will be sold at $200, according to the plans of Caudill. He described this as a “service to the community”.


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