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IBM Makes The Most Powerful Computer Chips Ever Created!

The world of technology has witnessed the advent of a “much higher-capacity” computer chip ever made, as boasts IBM.

IBM, SUNY Polytechnic

Researchers showing a wafer comprising 7nm chips in a NFX clean room in Albany, New York. Photo credits: Darryl Bautista/ Feature Photo Service/ IBM.

The computer chip is said to be around four times more powerful than the latest one. According to IBM, it should lead to the development of higher-speed computers in the near future.

The chip obtains its power from transistors that are just 7 nanometres (nm) in size that was made using a silicon-germanium mixture; normally only pure silicon is used. Otherwise, the smallest transistors made before are 14nm in size.

Smaller transistors will allow for more to be jammed into one chip thereby creating faster smartphones, laptops and computers. However, the new invention of IBM cannot be put to use into consumer products yet.

The next desired step now is to extend the work of IBM into a large-scale production. Furthermore, silicon might be replaced with the silicon-germanium alloy. Another technique that was used – Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography – will also have to be incorporated.

“For business and society to get the most out of tomorrow’s computers and devices, scaling to 7nm and beyond is essential,” said Arvind Krishna from IBM Research in a statement.



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